Critical Analysis & Reasoning Skills

Review of MCAT's Critical Analysis & Reasoning Skills











No previous knowledge is needed for this MCAT section. All required info resides in a given passage. This plan has sample MCAT passages to practice related analytic & reasoning skills.

This is a review and preparation for the Critical Analysis & Reasoning Skills – “CARS” portion, Section 4 of the MCAT.

An illustrative comparison to medicine, there are hundreds of ways suggested for the treatment of warts. What this means is there is no significantly effective method. Unfortunately, there are innumerable suggested ways to prepare for a Verbal Reading test or CARS as well. This means NO-ONE has the best method.

What I offer here is one of those methods. Try it…if not successful then go on to others…there are some suggestions at the end of the Review. This suggested method begins with some general didactic review of Concepts which are useful in preparing for and taking Section 4.

Please try to review and understand these didactic Concepts with the intent of using them during your preparation and actually taking of the MCAT. Instead of providing one or more “practice” Section 4’s, I have interspersed sample passages, which are mimics of the actual MCAT passages, throughout the presentation.

You should try to apply what was presented in the didactic Concepts to these passages. Wishing you the best.

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