Comprehensive 8 weeks

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For those who have a good grasp of the basic content yet need a refresher.

This is an in-depth study plan which prepares you for the MCAT science Sections 1. Biological Foundations, 2. Chemical and Physical Foundations, 3. Psychological, Sociological and Biological Foundations, the Comprehension-Reasoning test and 4. Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills – “CARS”.

It also includes a very limited math review focusing on Experimental Design and Statistics. It is Question and Concept based. You will review the most important Concepts necessary for success. Then you will be continually presented questions.

The first sets of questions will be to consolidate the 10 Foundation Concepts of the Science portion. Then gradually, to complete the review, you will be given sets of questions which apply those Foundation Concepts based on the four Skill Question Types.

Section 4 (CARS) gives a review of concepts important for CARS and provides passages for your review. This study plan reviews all important Concepts in detail along with questions to drive the details home.

This study plan is 8 weeks long averaging about 4 hours per day. Approximately, every 4th day, there is a break to allow catch-up and recovery. You will find this a comprehensive, effective and intensive review of the MCAT sections.

Compared to the Comprehensive Plan for 12 weeks, the 8 weeks plan has less of the lower importance Science Concepts, a limited math review manly focusing on Statistics/Experimental Design, many fewer questions, much more intense in terms of shorter review times (it assumes you have a good grasp of the basic content and only needs a refresher). Otherwise the two are similar. You can still access all of the Content and Questions via the Library and Review Test construction modes.

Detailed review of MCAT content within a normal time frame

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