Dr. Flowers MCAT – UCLA Review

by Jason Sparks

December 28, 2009

Over the Christmas break, I came across a review of Dr. Flowers MCAT by a student in a UCLA newsletter dated January 2007. It was the first time I’d seen this review, yet it aligned with other feedback we received at the time. The reviewer gave us a B- and highlighted PRICE as being his main objection. At the time the reviewer bought our product, the cost was $995 for 6 months. Since then we’ve lowered our prices as follows: $295 for 2 months $495 for 4 months $595 for 6 months Students can now buy more months as needed.

Students can also get free months if they don’t meet their goals after following Dr. Flowers’ recommended study plan. One reason we can’t lower the price too much more is that our price includes the price of the AAMC practice exams so part of our price goes to pay AAMC for their practice tests for our clients.