Predicting MCAT scores using practice tests

by Jason Sparks

June 7, 2010

Category: MCAT Prep Tips

I recently came across a page at studentdoc that reveals research on the predictive success of popular MCAT practice tests from AAMC, Kaplan and The Princeton Review by comparing the results of these practice MCAT tests with students’ actual results on the real MCAT. The conclusion is that the best predictor or performance on the actual MCAT are the AAMC’s own practice tests. The AAMC practice tests were the best indicator when considering the composite score and considering individual score (biology, physics, verbal).

This research aligns with Dr. Flowers’ conclusion that he told me upon meeting him in 2005. He told me the best way to prepare for the MCAT is by using the AAMC practice tests as the benchmark for assessing your strengths and weaknesses, and then studying according to your MCAT weaknesses. Two years ago on this blog, Dr. Flowers responded to the sentiment that the AAMC is tries to trick students by writing “when there is appropriate preparation of content and skills using real MCAT’s, the specter of ‘trick questions’ will magically disappear. ”

The AAMC’s practice tests are available at Additionally they can be purchased at discounts through a Dr. Flowers MCAT subscription. One AAMC practice test, 3R, is available for free from AAMC.