Dr. Flowers Honored at Recent Conference

by Janice Moreland

September 30, 2009

The National Association of Medical Minority Educators bestowed the President’s Award on Dr. Flowers during their annual conference in Chicago on September 18, 2009. Dr. Flowers was unable to attend, so I stepped in to receive the award on his behalf. NAMME noted that Dr. Flowers has worked to prepare students for the MCAT for well over 30 years. They also noted that Dr. Flowers has provided classroom presentations, books on MCAT preparation and more recently an online course.

I read the acceptance speech prepared by Dr. Flowers. He thanked all those members of NAMME who encouraged him to continue to produce his work. He made special mention of the late Dr. Bill Wallace who encouraged him to write the first MCAT prep book while he was still a medical student. Dr. Flowers renewed his commitment to work with students providing them with a quality MCAT preparation.

I enjoyed the Awards luncheon. It was indeed a special honor for me to accept the award for Dr. Flowers. Thank you NAMME! Great work Dr. Flowers!