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Apr 09 2007

The Philadelphia AAMC Meeting, Mr Angel and a New MCAT


Author: Dr. James L Flowers
Category: My Evolution of MCAT Prep Thoughts

I really cannot remember the exact timing of this, but sometime in 1976, Dr. Wallace asked me to go to an AAMC (Association of American Medical Colleges) meeting in Philadelphia. This was a final or near final meeting in which they were discussing the new version, the fourth version, of the MCAT which would begin in 1977. Dr. Wallace wanted me to be up-to-date since we were considering writing the MCAT prep. He had me contact a Mr. James Angel, who had been a consultant to AAMC regarding the new test.

I met with Mr. Angel, who was a very nice and considerate man. We attended meetings and discussed what was to happen with the new MCAT. From that meeting, I learned there would be some significant changes to the MCAT beginning in about 1977. First, they would now have three separate tests for the sciences. One for biology, one chemistry and one for physics and would have a score for each. Also, there would be a separate Quantitative Section and a separate Verbal section. These would be scored separately. The scoring would no longer be like the SAT. I believe they had a scoring similar to the current scores. One other thing they were going to do is to publish a more specific outline of what was to appear on the test. But, I did not get that outline during that meeting.

So, a big change was on the way the MCAT. I was about to complete my medical education at Harvard. And, meeting Mr. Angel and being at the AAMC meeting had placed me a nice position to move forward in the MCAT prep arena. First, though, a MCAT prep manual had to be written. I had to complete my medical education, take the second part of the National Boards, select a residency program, and I had a family of six to support, and now I had pledged to write a MCAT prep manual from scratch. I had to figure out a way to do this.