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Nov 09 2008

Preparation For A New Version Of The MCAT Underway


Author: Dr. James L Flowers
Category: MCAT Prep Tips

At their annual conference in San Antonio in November 2008, AAMC announced they have convened a study committee to overhaul the MCAT. Current plans are for a new MCAT by 2013. They are seriously looking to make the MCAT more useful to medical schools and their admissions committees. The MCAT was first launched in 1928 as the Moss Test. Since then, there have been four major revisions of the test. The current revision will be the fifth.

There is no need for current college students to worry what a new test will be like. But, high school students may be facing the totally new test when they enter college and make plans to take the MCAT. As before, I am sure AAMC will provide plenty of forewarning and education about the new test.

I cannot predict what the new test will be like. I am sure it will still contain the cognitive challenges of science and basic math as has been found on all previous tests. Beyond those, there are other important domains for physicians. I refer you to the following blog entries:

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