Meet Dr. Flowers, Godfather of MCAT Prep, Scored 99% on MCAT, 1971 started teaching students about the MCAT, wrote the first MCAT prep manual while at Harvard in 1976, prepared tens of thousands of students in classroom training over the last 36 years, coauthored 4 editions of MCAT prep manual with Princeton Review, creator of Dr. Flowers MCAT.


Dr. Flowers MCAT is a comprehensive online preparation system designed to optimally prepare you for the MCAT. Improve your MCAT scores by studying content likely to be covered on your actual MCAT. Improve scores by honing your test taking skills.

1MCAT Specific Content

MCAT Specific Content
Our library contains thousands of concepts in science, math, verbal reasoning, and test taking skills, each is prioritized by its likelihood of appearing on the MCAT.

2Study Plan

Study Plans
Select from popular study plans such as MCAT Challenger, Cram Session, Physics Booster and more. For more info, visit our Study Plans page.

3Flash Cards

Flash cards
Time tested approach covering every aspect of the exam.

4Explanations of Formulas

Explanations of Formulas
Review why a formula is important for the MCAT by studying in context. Use flashcards to test your formula knowledge.

5Review Questions

Review Questions
We’ve decompiled AAMC's previously released MCAT questions into 72 test-taking metrics and thousand of content metrics, and have created realistic mock MCAT multiple choice questions with accompanying explanations.

6Verbal Reasoning

Verbal Reasoning
Learn how to diagnose passages using Dr. Flowers’ tips and techniques so that you're not stuck during the actual MCAT exam.

7Recorded Presentations

Recorded Presentations
Watch Dr. Flowers teach and share his perspective on topics ranging from science content to advice on maintaining a winning perspective on getting into medical school.

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