Meet Dr. Flowers, Godfather of MCAT Prep, Scored 99% on MCAT, 1971 started teaching students about the MCAT, wrote the first MCAT prep manual while at Harvard in 1976, prepared tens of thousands of students in classroom training over the last 36 years, coauthored 4 editions of MCAT prep manual with Princeton Review, creator of Dr. Flowers MCAT.

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Our mission is to help you improve your MCAT score.

We understand that getting into medical school is serious business. That’s why we aspire to engage you in areas that will best improve your scores. 

Preparing for the MCAT takes time. It’s not something that can be absorbed through a video or textbook. It requires study and practice. It’s also that must fit into a busy life. We understand this, and strive to deliver Dr. Flowers MCAT to flexibly accompany and challenge you throughout your MCAT prep journey with optimal efficiency! We continually strive to improve the MCAT prep experience through primary & secondary research and through constant design and refinements.

This is not simply a business for us – this is our passion! For over 35 years, this has been the mission of Dr. James L. Flowers. In fact, Dr. Flowers created the first MCAT publication. For more on Dr. Flowers’ story click here.

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