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12-Week MCAT Subject Review

  • Detailed review of MCAT content within a normal time frame.
  • Full access to Dr. Flowers MCAT content library, flashcards, equations, recorded presentations, review tests, glossary, personal MCAT-prep dashboard.

Features of this study plan

MCAT-Specific content

Thousands of concepts in science, math, verbal reasoning and test taking skills, each is prioritized by its likelihood of appearing on the MCAT2015.

Flash Cards

Time tested approach to cramming. Interactive and prioritized for MCAT efficacy.

Review Questions

We’ve decompiled the previous MCAT questions and have created MCAT multiple choice questions with accompanying explanations.

Recorded Presentations

Watch Dr. Flowers teach and share his perspective on topics ranging from science content to advice on maintain a winning perspective on getting into medical school.

Personal Dashboard

Monitor your MCAT preparedness against your MCAT exam date.

Ask Dr. Flowers Service

Consult an expert on all things MCAT about your MCAT related questions whether content or person goals or anything in between.


12-Week MCAT Subject Review